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Full screen display can conflict with end-user security settings

These files require you to identify an additional media player with which to run the multimediaOpen the Preferences dialog box, and then select Multimedia (Legacy) from the left side of the dialog box

spell check pdf

Player Options Choose the format in which you want to run legacy media content: QuickTime, Windows Media, or Windows built-in playerAccessibility Options Specify if you want special features (if available) to appear when media plays, such as subtitles and dubbed audioSpecify the preferred language for the media, in case multiple languages are available

spell check pdf

Multimedia Trust preferences (legacy) Acrobat and Reader play most multimedia files, such as audio or video, using the built-in media player(For the supported file types, see Play multimedia

spell check pdf

) Multimedia content that requires additional resources to play, such as an external player or plug-in, is considered “legacy” multimedia content

You can control the use of external players or plug-ins in the Multimedia Trust (Legacy) preferencesOr, simply clicking the Marquee Zoom tool increases the magnification by one preset level, centering on the point where you clicked

To decrease the magnification by one preset level, Ctrl-click the Marquee Zoom toolThe Continuous Zoom or Dynamic tool zooms in when you drag it up the page and it zooms out when you drag down

If you use a mouse wheel, this tool zooms in when you roll forward and zooms out when you roll backwardZoom In and Zoom Out buttons change the document magnification by preset levels

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